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Khaula Hib
Lawyer and Business Consultant

Having spent my entire life in Israel where I obtained my first bachelor's degree in law, but I have always been drawn to the idea of experiencing life in another country.

After a successful career in the legal field, where I worked for one of the largest law firms in Israel, managed my own law office, and served as legal counsel, I took a bold step in 2019 and moved to Sweden to pursue my bachelor's degree in international business management.

Adapting to life in Sweden was a challenge, but the exposure to a new world and culture, along with the beauty of the country, quickly won me over.

During my studies at Mälardalen University, I made an effort to learn the Swedish language, which helped me to better integrate into society, I fell in love with the country and its culture, after my graduation I decided to take things even further by starting my own business in Sweden.

With the belief that my personal experiences and knowledge can help others achieve positive change, and after spending four years in Sweden I took the initiative to share my story by starting a blog about my life in Sweden.

Additionally, I established Consultic, a consulting agency, not only to aid clients in achieving their objectives but also to provide them with guidance in developing their ideas into prosperous businesses, thereby expanding their professional prospects through the exploration of global opportunities.

I strongly believe that to attain success, we must be willing to embrace change, and the most effective method of predicting the future is to shape it ourselves.

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